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Affine Dark Science


Brume - No Zen Machine (side B) - [No Rent Records]
Anne Gillis - Raison De Moi [Ferns Recordings]
Lorenzo Abattoir - Teofagia [Flag Day Recordings]
Koenrad Ecker - Furniture Rebellion [LINE]
Hugo Lioret - RW4I206
Leo Okagawa - B [Molt Fluid]
Alexander Tucker + Keith Collins - Fifth Continent - No [Subtext
Hybral - The Ghost Recording 2 [Modern Bön]
Tot Onyx - Carnival of Anxiety
Franz Rosati - Sempervivum ft. Giacomo Ancillotto [SUPERPANG]
Cremation Lily - Note II: The Next is Deception
Moss Harvest - Glass House & Second Slowlight @ Mai/Son Montreal
Uboa & Xandra Metcalfe - Empathy Shield
Uboa & Xandra Metcalfe - A Simple Example

  • Intro from old film -
    Detruire - Within Rest
    Hilary Woods - Acts of Light [Sacred Bones Records]
    Appropriate Savagery - Sunk Offshore, One Single Oath [Amulet of
    Ronce - Spineless/Blind [Dawn Records]
    Ho99o9 - Forest Fires (unknown virus 3.)
    Crave - Backdraft [Heat Crimes]
    Prison Religion - Turret [UIQ]
    Aho Ssan - Away (feat. Exzald S & Valentina Magaletti) [Other
    Donna Haringwey - My way (Iron Lang remix) [Strange Therapy]
    Masonna - Endless Destruction [Deathbed Tapes]"